02 Apr 2020 Nidhin

Changing aspects of business modelling

Business modelling ensured the systematic setup of a new business or the progressive reformation of a running business. Deep engagements and changing perceptions of the new age customers are today bringing new and innovative models of doing business. Deriving success is the trigger point and sustaining success with a constant view on improvement is the key element towards a long-term relation with the customers.

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02 Apr 2020 Krishna Tammireddy

The Power of Ecosystems – leveraging the Digital Nervous System

Ecosystems are everywhere, not confined to natural environments (Forest, cities, towns etc) —increasingly, we see businesses, public sector institutions (e.g. Victorian Government, Australia) all moving beyond their traditional operational borders and creating or participating in new, flexible, and adaptive networks of enterprises jointly pursuing ambitious purposes.

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02 Apr 2020 Harsha

Transforming the customer experience from Customer service to customer delight

In the last few years, there has been lot of emphasis on customer experience. Businesses have engaged design agencies to conduct user research to identify the problems in customer experience. Design teams have done lot of work to identify the customer journeys, defined user personas and challenges faced by the customers and came out with several interesting ideas.

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