In the last few years, there has been lot of emphasis on customer experience. Businesses have engaged design agencies to conduct user research to identify the problems in customer experience. Design teams have done lot of work to identify the customer journeys, defined user personas and challenges faced by the customers and came out with several interesting ideas. While these efforts have lead to a new generation of mobile apps, continuous engagement of customers across multiple channels by providing personalized offers, recommendations, Marketing & transaction notifications, but when we look around the current experience, these new features are more of the same and the paradigm is still around servicing the customer.

When we take the example of a health insurance company, the new customer experience means a mobile app for the customer for checking their policy, ease in doing transactions for payments and renewals, timely reminders and notifications. However, this does not change the relationship between the insurance company in a fundamental way leaving out several innovations. In this specific example, there is a lot of innovation going on for doctor discovery and appointment, health content, personalized food recommendations, preventive measures, measuring key medical parameters through IoT devices. This calls for a need for businesses to engage the customers in a new different way.

Customers are not just interested in best service. With Generation X, mobile apps and personalized engagement is taken for granted, businesses have to take the position of a personalized coach to customer and help customer at ever step. In the previous example, health insurance companies can become a personal coach to customer and not help customers only when they fell sick but provide an eco system of health content, preventive medicine, measure key health metrics and help customers to not fall sick. The well being of the customer not only helps in building a great relationship but it also builds a great business case. This helps businesses to engage customer at every step and help improve up-sell and cross-sell of products.

While technology has brought in many advancements a well designed product ensures that while it provides a great experience, it also delivers a great value and delight.