About us

We are a team of strategic and business growth Professionals with more than 20 years of experience, we focus of outcome based digital solutions that accelerate your business.

About Us

We Believe in Co-Creating Solutions!

Our commitment to understanding your needs, seeking innovative solutions, delivering high-quality results, and building trust with clients is reflected in our transparent and ethical practices.
Our solutions are built to adapt to your business, delivering long-lasting value and results.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Proactive Maintenance for Optimal Performance

We identify and address issues, apply updates, and optimize performance to guarantee a seamless experience for your users. Our dedicated support ensures that your application stays at the forefront of technology, adapting to changing needs and emerging trends.

Expand Horizons, Connect Globally.

Extend your reach and explore new markets with our global presence. We offer a platform for partners to expand their influence and connect with diverse audiences, opening doors to exciting opportunities around the world.

Leadership Team

Our team, with diverse backgrounds and experience, leads us with a strategic mindset and passion for transformative change, ensuring industry excellence and growth.

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Uday Pilani

Managing Director

Uday has served as Group Managing Director of Presco Plc - an agribusiness Giant in West Africa and was instrumental in its meteoric growth from 2009 to 2016. He was listed as TOP CEO for Shareholder Wealth Creation in 2015 and 2016. Uday was on the Panel of the World Economic Forum representing the Agri Sector of West Africa and has Chaired or been a Member of Several Global Organizations.


Shankar Vaddadi


With over 25 years' experience in manufacturing, engineering, technology, and fintech, I'm a seasoned C-level executive known for collaborative leadership and proactive strategies. Expert in scaling businesses, formulating strategy, driving business development, and fostering staff development. Successfully led listed Public companies as CEO, expanding shareholder value.

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Harsha Vardhan Avvari


Harsha Avvari has 20+ years of experience in technology and consulting establishing himself as a stellar all-rounder who has successfully navigated diverse challenges. With his expertise in BFSI, CPG and IT, Harsha has played a pivotal role in assisting Fortune 100 companies in the United States and Europe, providing invaluable guidance to set up, efficiently manage, and foster the growth of their businesses.